Jubilant Consumer is one of the foremost names in the food industry providing a multitude of customised solutions for our clients. Founded in 2013, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of high quality, graded, processed and fresh food products. Our commitment is to quality while upholding the highest levels of safety and hygiene.

In our endeavour to focus on our customers and clients' needs, we recognise the instrumental role of gravies in Indian cuisine and culture and are committed to developing a repertoire of hassle-free, safe, hygienic and chemical preservatives-free frozen base gravies.

Our range of frozen base gravies posses a six month shelf life, are compliant with our stringent safety and quality checks, demonstrate consistency across flavours and can be customised in accordance with palates. Ranging from Makhani, Palak to Shahi and Brown Gravy, the bases enables you to cook over 45 different Indian dishes, saves operational costs, ensures quality flavour and customer satisfaction.

Subsequently, the gravies also cut preparation time to under 10 minutes. They provide consistent taste to recipes and dishes synonymous to India, which can assist significantly in making a business more scalable. Most importantly, the frozen gravies are insulated from price fluctuations, given home-made gravies consist of vegetables that are subject to price changes.

Our endeavour is to simplify food preparation and consumption, all the while guaranteeing the finest ingredients and quality of taste.