Frequently Asked Questions

All salads, cut fruits and cut vegetables should be refrigerated at all times until the time of serving for optimal freshness. The respective storage requirements are categorically mentioned on all product labels.
We do not recommend freezing as the fruits and vegetables are fresh and thus very fragile and their texture would become limp and mushy on freezing.
The usage description is mentioned on the respective label of the products. Salads and cut fruits are washed sanitized and ready to consume. Cut vegetable combos are washed sanitized and ready-to-cook. Whole fruits and vegetables are sorted, grated and packed, thus need to be washed before usage.

The salads and cut fruits are processed at a FSSAI licensed and ISO22000 certified facility.

Stringent raw material and process control as per the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines ensure that only the safest product reaches the market. Rigorous washing and sanitization at prescribed stages ensure the food safety while the temperature controlled atmosphere retains the natural goodness of the produce.

The shelf life of the products under the recommended storage conditions have been established as per the findings ofrigorous physio-chemical and microbiological analytical studies.

All the packaging material used by Jubilant Consumer are food grade and exclusively designed to maintain the quality of product in tune with its stipulated shelf life.

Don’t worry and enjoy our convenient ready to eat range!

No, not at all. Certain varieties of fruit, depending on their origin and the season, are inherently high in juice content (e.g. most melons, pineapple and citrus fruit), as such one need not have apprehension on this.