Jubilant Consumer is one of the foremost and most trusted names in the food industry providing a multitude of customised solutions for our clients. Founded in 2013, we have grown from strength to strength and established ourselves as a leading supplier of high quality, graded, processed and fresh food products.

We're consistently leveraging new opportunities to mobilise growth across a diversified portfolio of services including prepared, pre-prepared, canned and ready to eat products. Committed to long-term sustainable growth, we're built on a solid foundation of consistent quality, innovation and freshness. The expanse of our range, innovative packaging, service quality and value driven approach makes us a preferred supplier.

We provide solutions across verticals, including food service, food processing, food service providers and wholesale and distribution. Apart from regularly exporting to partners abroad, catering to restaurants, commercial customers and clients, we also supply base gravies, pastes and frozen fillers to commercial and home kitchens across the country.

Jubilant Consumer also specialises in B2C solutions, included pre-cut branded fruit and canned foods. We have also extended our business model to include GoGourmet, a QSR style service, offering fresh nutritious, easy to consume and delicious food across venues in the country.

Jubilant Consumer is led by a team of dedicated specialists, working as a cohesive unit to deliver on quality and safety.